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Forms for Hockey Players

This information is for all potential skaters and players (volunteer info is on a on different page.)

If you are interested in participating in Spectrum on Ice hockey, there is a registration process. We do not allow walk-ons. All skaters must first complete the Athlete Intake Form below and click submit.   Once completed the Athlete Intake form, please send us an email and indicate that you have completed the Athlete Intake form.  Because we have a waiting list, we will not be able to return any emails regarding registering for SOI until the Athlete Intake form below is completed.  Also, please understand that all skaters must complete every form and be approved before being considered. Thank you for your understanding.  


Please be prepared to complete the  following additional forms before stepping on the ice:

1. Liability Waiver

2. American Special Hockey Association Registration (no cost)

3.  USA Hockey Registration (coming soon)

4. Media Release 

Please note: Helmets are required from everyone at all times. Friday is for children and young adults in the program. Parents do NOT, skate on Friday however we do have designated Family Skates often ond we encourage families and friends to participate. 

If you would like to bring your BCBA or RBT, please email us. They will fill out forms as well.

If you need help translating forms, please send us an email.

Thank you and we are excited to meet you!



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