What We Do

Friday Sessions


We skate Friday evenings and offer Hockey and Skating. Pre Registration is required weekly and Athlete Intake form must be filled out in advance (see Forms.)

  • Build Friendships that will Last a Lifetime

  • Increase Independence

  • Be Proud

  • Build Trust

  • Have Fun

  • Improve Confidence

  • Promote Acceptance and Teach Others

  • Improve Motor Skills

  • Give Back

  • Hang out

  • Do Something that Most Can't

  • Family Bonding

  • Be Unique

  • Overcome Obstacles

  • Improve Self Esteem

  • Celebrate You

  • Prove Everybody Wrong from Day 1!

  • Accomplish Goals

  • Win You Over

  • Learn a Cool Sport

SOI is a 501c3 nonprofit organization

Email: spectrumonice@gmail.com

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