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Thank You for Your Support!

Thank you all so much for your support leading up to the fundraiser, during the event, and to those of you who support us all year long. The list is so long, it would take quite a bit of time to list everyone. SOI is so fortunate to have such wonderful people surrounding us. We cannot express enough how much we value each and every one of you. We wanted to post a little shout out to some people who helped us pull this fundraiser off, and of course to our sponsors.

Thank you first to our parents. Without your love, support, endurance, and dedication each week, this would never happen.

Thank you Jasmine for being such an amazing wing woman. I appreciate you so much.

Thank you Nanette E. for the gorgeous logo and for converting logos to vectors, etc. and working hard when given a time crunch. You are so great! I saw your sweet K on the ice Saturday. It was the icing on the cake of an already great day!

Thank you Karin and Chris for all your hard work. It does not go unnoticed.

Thank you Young MC Kim for the microphone check. I believe you missed your calling.

Thank you to all of our volunteers and on- and off-ice coaches for helping out this weekend.

Thank you Luis A and all bench peeps for your help orchestrating the lines.

Thank you to everyone who ran the tables- Rachel and Syndey K., Yves B, Bridget B, Kathy, Crystal and Amanda, etc. Thanks to the door monitors and locker parents.

Thank you Andy and Liam B for your help on the ice and for helping organize the game, ref, etc.

Thank you Kirk and Brittney Brooks for those awesome jerseys for our scrimmage. In case you all didn't know, they are going to let us keep those so we have jerseys to use when we have practice scrimmages every month.

Thank you Bobby D. for helping us with the ice, scorekeeper, and for everything else you do.

Thank you Brandon and LVIC employees for helping us set up for the event.

Thank you Gage Q. for coaching and for being so gracious when asked to sign items.

Thank you Ashley B. and Tye E for organizing the cheer squad. Thank you Ashley B for you know what else.

Thank you Kitty Ward cheerleaders and SOI cheerleaders for coming together and supporting our SOI hockey teams!

Thank you VGK Chance!!

Thank you Elsa and Anna!!!

Thank you Troy S for the great pictures and Troy and Naaman for the video.

Thank you Heather and Piece2Gether and the Down Syndrome Organization of Southern Nevada for coming out and supporting us.

And to everyone else! Thank you so much!

Thank you to our 6/15 donors/ sponsors and raffle donors listed below:

FEAT, Kevin Iole, Linda Hua, Andrea Petronella (Vibrance Cosmetics), Barnes and Noble, Distill Bar, Rosatis Durango, Fire Rock Restaurant, Thai Basil Restaurant, Gravady, Laurencel Family, Pediped, Gruenbergs, Heather King, Trader Joes, Sarah Leah, Jennifer Medeiros, Penn and Teller, B Fields, and...

Also, several people are sponsoring us for team jerseys, so stay tuned!

Can't wait to see everyone back on the ice!

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