Spotlight on Our Athletes

Meet JP!

JP uses an adaptive puck because he has significant visual impairments. We cannot imagine how difficult it would be to skate on a thin blade with little to no vision. He's had to overcome huge obstacles in his life including cancer at age 2 and 12 surgeries (8 on his eyes). He was back on the ice in his wheelchair less than a week after his last surgery! His mother Kim is an amazing advocate for him and pushes him to do everything. Her parenting skills are exemplary and her high expectations for him are the reason he will be an adult who will lead and change the world! Because she trusted us and believed in him, JP is doing something that most people may have thought impossible. He is an inspiration to all!  He has been with SOI for more than one year. We love you JP.

Meet Sergio Jr!

Sergio and his sweet sister are definitely loved by everyone at SOI. He has made so many friends. This little boy has a lot to say! He interacts with everyone on the ice and likes to meet new people. We have seen him grow so much. He's a very smart little boy with tons of personality! He uses a speech generating device and gestures to communicate. He will sometimes say "Hi" using his voice. He has a very supportive family. We just know Sergio is going to be very successful in life. He has been with SOI since Fall 2017. We love you Sergio.

Little Sergio does a lot in this video, plus he's just too cute. Watch closely. He tells you he's five, he demands the puck (he controls his people, clearly), and he is very happy on the ice. 

Watch Sergio here!


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