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  • Kerry Quinney

We are so excited for our event! Please share this with everyone you know! We want everyone and their mother attending. Our theme and additional information will be announced soon. We have some unbelievably cool items that will be auctioned off. We are still looking for auction items for our event, so if you know of anyone interested, please send our way via email ( Thank you to those of you who have donated and we are looking forward to future items. You are amazing! @mondaysdark @thespacelv @hafeydigital

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Updated: Jul 29, 2020

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The first skate of the New Year came with many exciting new changes. All of our skaters have successfully been moved to the hockey side! We are putting more time and focus on the learn to play hockey portion so we can be ready for our first travel game in April. The new skaters had plenty of help from the more experienced skaters that we call "Ice Buddies" and of course all the wonderful volunteers.

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